Veteran Resources & Program Registration

Who qualifies as a Veteran? For Camp Liberty, a “Veteran” is a person who has served, or is serving, in the armed forces of the United States, to include her allies, in war and peace. Military service is inherently dangerous, so Camp Liberty serves all Veterans with service connected issues. In as much as not all Veterans receive recognition such as a Purple Heart, especially those with invisible wounds such as Traumatic Brain Injuries, Camp Liberty may request additional information and clarification from a Veteran when necessary beyond the documentation typically annotated on the DD-214.


Is Camp Liberty Only for Veterans? Camp Liberty facilities and programs may also be extended to our civilian friends who are living with health challenges as opportunities dictate. Our goal is to optimize program support and utilization where feasible, without negatively impacting the wildlife-human interaction opportunities more than necessary.


Can Camp Liberty help my family also? Camp Liberty has developed multiple programs and activities for Veterans and their families, and invite them all to register to participate. They all must heal together. Programs are offered for families, men, women, and youths. When there are restrictions on the numbers we can host for a particular function, such as the number of sporting event tickets available, Camp Liberty may have to make selection determination. We try to do the best we can so please consider the difficultly we may encounter. When applicant numbers exceed availability, Camp Liberty will do the best they can to host all possible guests. Our selection process changes with each event and may be driven slightly by donor intent if the sponsor funding the event requests special considerations. Every event is different but typically decisions are made based on available information and the applicant’s previous participation.


Is Camp Liberty just about hunting? No. While hunting and fishing are important components of our outdoor activities, our facilities are set up to host a wide variety of Veteran activities and inclusive amenities. Watch for our programs like trout fly tying, turkey calling, sporting events, fishing rod building, pheasant hunting, companion dogs, faith based, substance abuse, kayaking, trout fishing, coyote hunting, 3-D archery, suicide prevention, outdoor women, couples classes, CPL training, first aid, and many other courses and events.


I have a disability. Can Camp Liberty help accommodate my accessibility needs?  Camp Liberty is striving to provide a Universally Designed facility and outdoor experience. Because we strive to maintain a wildlife enriched environment, this means we have a very limited, rugged trail system around the property. Our mobility challenged guests are provided use of our on-site Action Track wheelchairs to access our wilderness trail system and wildlife observation areas. Camp Liberty tries to maintain a wide variety of adaptive equipment and technology products to aid in optimizing the outdoor experience of our guests of all abilities.


 Stay Tuned! We invite all Veterans and spouses to check back on a regular basis and go to the “Events link and check what’s coming up.  The links below explain each of our activities and some include links on how to register or volunteer.


Recreational and Hunting Opportunities

Social Functions and Support Group Activities

Faith Based Outreach

How a Veteran Volunteers